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Baotou electrode paste supplier

Baotou electrode paste supplier

  • 2019-04-11 17:09:12
Baotou electrode paste supplier

Baotou electrode paste supplier Rongxin carbon average unit consumption is 20% lower than peers


Baotou is an important hub connecting North China and Northwest China. It is a key development area for China and Inner Mongolia to open to the outside world, and one of the railway transportation hub cities in mainland China. [5]

Baotou is the transportation hub between the nomadic culture of the northern grassland and the farming culture of the Central Plains. In 307 BC, Zhao Wuling Wang set up Jiuyuan County in Baotou. Baotou is the homonym of Mongolian “Baketu”, meaning “the place with deer”, so it is also known as Lucheng. It is home to 31 ethnic groups including Mongolian, Han, Hui, Manchu, Daur, and Oroqen. [5]
1.1. Raw material ratio According to the condition of raw materials, the furnace technician calculates the accurate material ratio according to the requirements of the recent contract. After the inspection by the technical team of the branch, the production manager approves the implementation. According to the changes of the furnace condition and alloy composition, the technician of the stove has the right to change the material ratio. When each material is adjusted within the range of 50kg, the material ratio calculation table is not required. When the temperature exceeds 50kg, the material ratio calculation sheet must be filled out.
1.2. It is required to accurately weigh all kinds of raw materials. In a batch of materials, the error of each raw material does not exceed ±2kg.
1.3. When the ratio of ingredients changes, the squad leader shall receive the variable material after the change notice of the furnace manager or the furnace technician.
1.4. When the shift is delivered, the small silo of the batching platform is required to be filled with materials.
1.5. The ingredients workers should pay attention to the changes in raw materials, and report problems to the squad leader in time.
1.6. In order to make the raw materials mix evenly, they should be arranged in the following order: coke, silica, manganese ore, manganese slag.
In the application of the manganese silicon furnace, the electrode paste produced by our company can reduce the use of 20% electrode paste in the same period of time under the same furnace condition. For example, two furnaces of 15,000, the electrode paste of other manufacturers consumes 200 tons per month, and the consumption of Rongxin carbon electrode paste is about 160 tons. (Real case) and no accidents occurred during use.

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2019-04-11 17:27:10:

Rongxin Carbon's electrode paste shipment speed is the fastest I have ever seen..

2019-04-11 17:09:12:

Baotou electrode paste supplier Rongxin carbon average unit consumption is 20% lower than peers.

2019-03-29 18:21:50:

Changle Steel thanked Rongxin Carbon for its long-term cooperation.

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