Electrode paste sintering and electrode consumption

  Strictly formulate the electrode pressure release system to ensure the balance between electrode paste sintering and electrode consumption.

  (1) Reasonable determination of electrode paste column crossing degree and accurate measurement of paste column height at specified time interval to determine the height of additional electrode paste.

  (2) During normal operation, the electrode discharge shall be equal to the electrode consumption.

Electrode paste sintering and electrode consumption

  (3) The internal firing electrode height of the copper tile produced by ferroalloy is only 150mm-200mm, and the electrode lowering workload cannot be too large. Usually, it is placed 4 times every 8 hours * and each time is not more than 50mm. When lowering the electrode, the load shall be reduced by 30% to prevent the copper tile from arcing due to poor contact with the electrode and burning through the electrode shell to cause oil leakage. The production of ferronickel shall determine the amount of pressure discharge each time according to its own characteristics, so as to prevent the excessive pressure discharge of electrodes in the electrode operation from causing the electrode paste that has not been baked to be inserted into the furnace in advance.

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