Introduction to key points of electrode paste production

  Introduction to the use and production points of electrode paste

  1、 Use of electrode paste: electrode paste is also known as self baking electrode, which relies on the heat in the submerged arc furnace to complete the roasting. Therefore, the matching of the consumption rate of electrode and the roasting speed is the key to the use of electrode paste. Due to the development of submerged arc furnace technology, it is gradually developing towards large-scale and airtight. During the roasting process, the more heat transfer and radiant heat reduction of electrode obtained from the past open furnace type is only heat transfer, Therefore, the heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace is greatly reduced, which requires improving the sintering performance of the electrode paste to make up for this deficiency. For the manufacturers of electrode paste, the two taboos of * are electrode soft break and hard break, among which soft break is more terrible and easy to cause accidents. Hard fracture is caused by insufficient strength of electrode paste after sintering; Soft fracture refers to the fact that the sintering speed of the electrode is lower than the consumption speed, and the electrode is not fully sintered, which can not bear the tension and lateral impact of the lower part of the electrode, resulting in fracture. These two problems are directly related to the performance of carbon manufacturers’ electrode pastes,

  It is also related to the operation during use. There are only two main links in the production of electrode paste, namely, batching and kneading. Among them, kneading is basically the same at present, as long as the kneading equipment is regular equipment (above 2000L intermittent double shaft kneading pot) Grasp the kneading temperature and time in the process. The key of ingredients is reasonable formula; The selection of raw materials and particle size ratio, especially the softening point of binder asphalt and the amount of binder used. At present, the main problem perplexing manufacturers is that the roasting speed of electrode paste is too slow, so some manufacturers adopt the method of reducing the use of asphalt. This method is effective to a certain extent, but the low amount of asphalt makes the fluidity of the electrode paste worse, the electrode paste is not easy to be filled in the electrode cylinder, and the poor compactness after sintering is easy to cause hard fracture.

Introduction to key points of electrode paste production

Another method is to reduce the softening point of the asphalt and improve the sintering speed of the electrode, but the softening point of the asphalt can not be reduced indefinitely, because the asphalt with low softening point reduces the coking rate of the asphalt, The strength of the electrode should also be reduced, or there should be hard fracture. Therefore, the production of electrode paste should not only properly grasp the above two means, but also improve the sintering speed of the electrode through the adjustment of the formula. For example, the graphite raw materials with good conductivity and heat transfer performance should be appropriately added to the formula to increase the conduction heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace, so as to speed up the roasting speed. At the same time, try to reduce the consumption of the electrode to reduce the speed of electrode lowering, which can also achieve the matching of electrode consumption and roasting. Graphite raw materials with good conductivity and heat transfer performance can increase the conduction heat obtained by the electrode from the furnace to speed up the roasting speed. At the same time, try to reduce the electrode consumption to reduce the electrode lowering speed, which can also match the electrode consumption and roasting. Therefore, the production of electrode paste can produce good products and obtain the satisfaction of users only by applying drugs to the symptoms, taking multiple measures, considering comprehensively, appropriately and complementing each other’s advantages

  2、 Introduction to electrode paste production:

  Electrode paste is a product with simple process and complex technology in carbon production. First, the electrode paste is the finished product after kneading and forming. Unlike other carbon and graphite products, when defects appear in the previous process, they can be made up by roasting, graphitization or even impregnation. Second, the electrode paste is directly used by the user, and the function of carbon products is played by forming electrodes after the user completes the use process. However, the users of electrode paste are very different: the furnace type is different; Different production products; Different regions; Different environment; The season is different, and the technical level of operators is also different. The so-called: it is difficult for everyone to adjust. It is very difficult to make the electrode paste production enterprise adapt to such complex use conditions. Therefore, the production process of electrode paste seems to be relatively simple, but it needs special experience and technology to produce good ones.

  3、 About isostatic graphite

  Fine structure, large size, isotropic graphite has its own characteristics, which is more different from the traditional “high purity graphite”. Therefore, it should have a simplified professional name There are many naming methods for carbon and graphite materials, such as: according to the purpose, it can be called: steel-making electrode, electric brush for motor, graphite for continuous casting, etc; According to the characteristics of product structure, HTML can be called: isotropic graphite, anisotropic graphite; According to the production process, it can be called: hot extruded graphite, molded graphite; According to performance, it can be called: high purity graphite, high density graphite, high strength graphite, etc Referring to the foreign common name (such as “isostatic graphite” in Japan), the author believes that “isostatic graphite” is relatively concise and appropriate, and can express the connotation of products.

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