Rectification measures for electrode paste

  Rectification measures for electrode paste

  1. The electric furnace shall be operated and produced as per the capacity of 18000kva as much as possible to make the current transmitted by the copper tile and electrode as close as possible to and

  Reach the rated value, enhance the current resistance heat of the electrode paste baking in the electrode shell, and ensure the balance between the electrode baking amount and the electrode consumption speed.

  2. Scientifically and reasonably determine the basic parameters of self baking electrode

  The importance of reasonably determining the appropriate ratio of the metal conductive cross-section (electrode shell, rib thickness, rib number) to the carbon electrode cross-section area for reasonable baking of the electrode has been described earlier. In order to make the baking of the electrode paste meet the production requirements of the plastic electrode paste from the upper edge of the copper tile to the paste column at 80 ℃ – 200 ℃, the baking section between the copper tiles at 200 ℃ – 800 ℃, and the lower edge of the copper tile to the material surface at 800 ℃ – 1200 ℃, the basic parameters of the self baking electrode used by the manufacturers with similar electrode diameter to the company are introduced, and based on the principle of appropriate proportion of metal conductor section and carbon electrode section, The basic parameters of the self baking electrodes of the company shall be reasonably determined. See the attached table of basic parameters of self baking electrodes used in some factories for details, so as to meet the production requirements.

Rectification measures for electrode paste

  3. Provide training on professional knowledge for relevant staff such as electrode shell and rib manufacturing and welding, electrode paste particle size processing and storage, production command, electrode pressing and operation, etc. From 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on May 21, 2010, technical training has been conducted for electrode shell and rib fabrication and welding, and electrode paste particle size processing personnel, and requirements have been put forward on the site for fabrication and processing. Professional training has not been conducted for personnel who regularly fill electrode paste and electric furnace production commanders and operators, and relevant professional knowledge and technical training should be supplemented in time.

  4. The on-site disclosure has been made for the fabrication and welding of electrode shell and ribs, and the fabricators are required to conduct the longitudinal

  Full welding is required for vertical welding. The welding quality requires that the welding seam should be continuous, dense, flat and uniform. The qualified electrode paste shall be processed by about 10cm.

  5. Strictly formulate the electrode pressure release system to ensure the balance between electrode paste sintering and electrode consumption.

  (1) Reasonable determination of electrode paste column crossing degree and accurate measurement of paste column height at specified time interval to determine the height of additional electrode paste.

  (2) During normal operation, the electrode discharge shall be equal to the electrode consumption.

  (3) The internal firing electrode height of the copper tile produced by ferroalloy is only 150mm-200mm, and the electrode lowering workload cannot be too large. Usually, it is placed 4 times every 8 hours * and each time is not more than 50mm. When lowering the electrode, the load shall be reduced by 30% to prevent the copper tile from arcing due to poor contact with the electrode and burning through the electrode shell to cause oil leakage. The production of ferronickel shall determine the amount of pressure discharge each time according to its own characteristics, so as to prevent the excessive pressure discharge of electrodes in the electrode operation from causing the electrode paste that has not been baked to be inserted into the furnace in advance.

  6. The depth of the electrode inserted into the furnace shall be carefully considered. According to the high arc voltage and long arc at the electrode end produced by Ferronickel

  According to the characteristics of furnace bottom immersion, the insertion depth shall be determined, and it is recommended to operate at a depth not exceeding 1.5m.

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