Advantages of semi coke used in blast furnace injection

The basic performance requirements of coal for injection: less ash content, low sulfur content, thin colloidal layer, good grindability, high calorific value, suitable coal particle size, high ignition point, weak or non-explosive, The ash melting point temperature should be higher, the combustion type should be better, and the reactivity should be strong.

During the semi-coke reproduction process, a large amount of volatile matter is precipitated during the pyrolysis of medium and low-temperature dry distillation, and some elements such as sulfur and nitrogen are released in advance.

Therefore, the content of sulfur, nitrogen, ash, and volatile matter of blue carbon is greatly reduced, but the characteristics of coal are still retained.

It has high carbon fixation, low ash, sulfur, and phosphorus content, without any adhesion. Chemical activity is better than coke, fluidity, and jet characteristic index is better than bituminous coal, and its combustion performance and reaction performance in blast furnace injection is excellent. , Replacement is relatively high, Insure that it can be meet the technical requirements of blast furnace injection coal. It is a very ideal injection raw material used in the blast furnace.

Related tests show that semi coke for blast furnace injection has advantages as below:

1. Reduce the dependence of blast furnace injection on anthracite, lower coke ratio, and greatly reduce ironmaking costs

2. Because of low volatile content, the injection of blue charcoal can significantly improve the safety during the injection process

3. The metallurgical properties of semi coke are stable and good, and it is easy to control when used in the blast furnace injection process

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