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Carbon Block


  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Shape: powder
  • Dimensions: 0-10mm

Carbon block is a kind of carbonaceous refractory material made from coke, anthracite or graphite, and tar as raw materials after being mixed and shaped, and burned to 1450℃ in reducing flame. The carbon mass fraction is 88% to 90%. It can resist the erosion of molten metal and various slag, but it is easy to be oxidized. It’s used for the masonry bottom and hearth of a blast furnace.

Smelting Material – CARBON BLOCK

Smelting Material cold ramming paste can be constructed in the normal temperature range of 17-42 °C. There is no asphalt smoke during construction, which improves the working environment of the construction personnel. Smelting Material cold ramming paste is designed according to international standards, with good thermal shock resistance and the roasting shrinkage rate is less than 0.15% with good tamping, and with no delamination.

We add value to our cold ramming paste customers through:
  • High Quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional R&D team
  • Support personalized customization, free delivery of debugging products
  • Professional technicians will visit customers regularly, providing after-sales support
  • To establish overseas offices and establish overseas warehousing; Providing warehousing, distribution, and after-sales services to local customers
Carbon Block

Technical support

We make efforts to support your electrode operations!

Through a global team of specialists, we offer technical support to our customers: Smelting Material Group assists with electrode audits and training seminars for an in-depth understanding of your electrode processes.

  • Facilitate efficient electrode performance
  • Training and optimization of electrode management
  • Cold ramming Paste and electrode paste handling and charging
  • Casing/welding recommendations
  • Problem-solving
  • Ensuring performance of cold ramming paste and electrode paste
Carbon Block


Carbon block for metallurgical industry, chemical industry.

Carbon blocks are not only widely used in the metallurgical industry, but also in aluminum electrolytic cells. In addition, it is widely used in pickling tanks and electroplating tanks in the electroplating industry, dissolution tanks in the paper industry, reaction tanks, and storage tanks in the chemical industry, furnaces (or equipment lining) in the ferroalloy industry, and smelting non-ferrous metals – such as aluminum and lead, Tin, etc.

Carbon Block

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