Application of Residual Pole in the Production of Electrode Paste

  The residual electrode is the part that must be replaced with a new anode from the electrolytic cell in order to prevent the steel claws from melting after the pre-baked anode has been used in the electrolytic cell for a period of time. After high-temperature roasting, the residual pole has higher mechanical strength and lower porosity than petroleum coke. Using residual pole as a raw material for the production of carbon products can improve the quality of carbon products to a certain extent.

  As the “heart” of the calcium carbide furnace, the electrode paste, which is called a carbon functional material, requires sufficient strength and thermal shock resistance. With the advent of the low-carbon era, it is an inevitable trend for large enclosed calcium carbide furnaces to replace small semi-closed calcium carbide furnaces and open calcium carbide furnaces. Therefore, higher requirements for the quality of electrode paste are also put forward.

Application of Residual Pole in the Production of Electrode Paste

  Rongxin Carbon has been specialized in producing electrode paste for more than 20 years. The engineers in the factory made special experiments to explore the effect of the addition of residual electrodes on the electrode paste. Experiments show that after adding the residual electrode, the pressure resistance of the electrode paste is improved, and other indicators are also optimized. When the particle size is 8-20mm and the addition ratio is 20%, the electrode paste has the best effect on improving the compressive strength and bulk density, and effectively reduces the resistivity and ash content.

  After the residual electrode is used at high temperature, the structure is compact and the porosity is low. The amount of binder used during kneading can be appropriately reduced, and the kneading temperature should be appropriately increased to increase the degree of infiltration of the binder to the anode and the plasticity of the paste. The volatile content of the residual electrode is small. Adding it can reduce the volatile content of the electrode paste, reduce the unit consumption of the electrode paste, and also reduce the environmental pollution during use, improve the working environment of workers, and reduce the cost of electrode paste production in the factory.

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