Causes of hard breakage of electrode paste

  Hard electrode breaking phenomenon

  1. The current rises after a sudden drop, but it will not rise to the original position.

  2. The temperature of the furnace gas rises suddenly.

  3. The arc sound produced by the electric furnace is abnormal.

Causes of hard breakage of electrode paste

  Causes of hard electrode breakage

  1. Improper storage of electrode paste will increase ash content and poor adhesion.

  2. The electrode cooling rate is large during the shutdown period.

  3. The electrode paste above the conductive contact element is overheated, and solid matter precipitates, causing electrode delamination.

  4. Because the part where the electrode enters the charge is slightly tapered, when the electrode is lowered, the electrode, the hard shell and the charge will generate great mechanical force.

  5. After a long-term power failure, the load increases too fast.

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