Cold ramming pasting quality will affect the service life of the aluminum electrolyzer

The main equipment of aluminum electrolysis production is electrolytic cell. The life length of aluminum electrolytic cell is not only related to the cost of overhaul, the output and quality of aluminum, but also related to the economic benefit of the whole enterprise. It is the most effective way to reduce the cost of aluminum electrolytic cell by prolonging the life of the cell. There are many factors affecting the life of the aluminum electrolytic cell. Although the aluminum electrolytic process itself does not consume the cathode, the inner lining of the electrolytic cell will be seriously damaged over the years under the action of corrosion and various stresses, forcing the electrolytic cell to stop production.

In the production of aluminum electrolysis, the electrolytic cell, as the equipment running under the condition of high temperature, high magnetic field and strong corrosive electrolyte, almost all its damage is caused by the damage of the cathode first. The life of aluminum electrolytic cell does not depend on the corrosion degree of the cathode carbon block, but on the corrosion resistance of its weak links.

The infiltration rate and amount of the electrolyte to the bottom of the electrolytic cell depend to some extent on the gap between the ramming paste(or tamping paste)and the carbon block, so the size of the gap between the ramming paste(or tamping paste)and the carbon block also directly affects the length of the life of the aluminum electrolytic cell and the level of production efficiency. During the roasting of aluminum reduction cells, cathode ramming paste start to provide a buffer layer to absorb the thermal expansion of cathode carbon block, however, the shrinkage and expansion between the two are not synchronous, if the shrinkage rate of the cathode ramming paste is high, will leads to the existence of gaps between the carbon block and the ramming paste sintered body, the sintered body has high porosity and low strength, which is easy to form the infiltration channel of electrolyte and liquid aluminum. Therefore, the cathode ramming paste and its properties under electrolytic conditions have a very important effect on the early breakage of the electrolytic cell.

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