Comprehensive analysis of carburizer

  Classification of carburizing agent:

  There are many kinds of carburizers according to the materials used: metallurgical coke carburizers, calcined coal carburizers, composite materials carburizers, petroleum coke carburizers, columnar graphite carburizers, semi graphite carburizers, natural graphite carburizers and graphitized petroleum coke carburizers. The semi graphite carburizers, graphite carburizers and graphitized petroleum coke carburizers produced by Anyang Huatuo metallurgy are of excellent quality. If you need them, please contact our factory: Liu Beibei to provide you with high-quality carburizers.

  According to the purpose of casting, there are the following categories: nodular iron carburizers, gray iron carburizers, cast steel carburizers and special carburizers. Here, I have to say what is an excellent carburizer. The requirements for excellent carburizers are: the higher the fixed carbon, the better, and the lower the ash, volatile, s, N and other harmful components. However, high carbon and low sulfur products, such as graphitized petroleum coke, are generally used as carburizers for ductile iron. After high-temperature graphitization, the carbon atoms of the carburizer change from the original irregular arrangement to the ordered sheet arrangement, and the sheet arrangement graphite can become the best core of the graphite nucleus, which is conducive to promoting graphitization. Moreover, the sulfur in the graphitized carburizer has been generated into sulfur dioxide gas and discharged, so as to reduce the sulfur content and achieve the effect of high carbon and low sulfur. The absorption rate is high and fast.

Comprehensive analysis of carburizer

  Advantages of carburizing agent:

  In the steel-making industry, carburizers can make up for the carbon content lost in the process of steel smelting and make it reach the required value. The price of pig iron is generally a little higher than that of scrap steel, so the use of carburizers in casting can greatly increase the use of scrap steel, reduce the use of pig iron or not, and reduce the production cost. Petroleum coke carburizer

  Selection of carburizing agent:

  What are the characteristics of high-quality carburizer?

  1. The carburizing agent has moderate particle size, large porosity, easy melting and fast absorption.

  2. The chemical composition is pure, with few impurities, high national carbon, low sulfur and low nitrogen, very few harmful ingredients and high absorption rate.

  3. The graphite crystal structure of the product is good, which can improve the nucleation ability of the original molten iron.

  4. Excellent and stable performance

  Choosing a suitable carburizer not only helps to reduce the production cost of smelting, but also improves the quality of smelting metal and castings, so that smelting metal factories and foundries can obtain economic benefits of both financial and quality.

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