Conditions for producing excellent electrode paste

  It is important to produce excellent electrode paste * the production process and equipment of electrode paste are two links:

  1、 Self baking electrodes for large and medium-sized, open, closed and semi closed submerged arc furnaces – high standard paste products.

  Electrode paste is used in open and closed submerged arc furnaces as a continuous self baking electrode to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy and other products. The annual output is 7000 tons. Implement the standards of the Ministry of Metallurgy: yb/t5215 ~ 1996 (and refer to the user’s industry standards).

  1> Non standard electrode paste: ash and volatile are provided according to users’ and industry standards.

  2> Airtight paste: thd type, -2 type.

  3> Special paste and semi graphitized paste of all electric calcined materials: it is provided according to the user’s index value, and the ash and volatile matter are provided according to the user’s requirements and industry standards. Ash can be promised 2%. The supply price of paste products shall be based on the model cost of raw materials, which shall follow the market and be implemented through negotiation

Conditions for producing excellent electrode paste

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