Different characteristics of Cold ramming paste

  In fact, there are many changes in cold mash itself. No matter what kind of texture products, we all need cold mash to play in it. This is the knowledge we want to tell you today. The corresponding change of cold mash is what we want to tell you today.

  Strength deterioration: according to the test of used carbon bricks and the alkali metal corrosion test of unused carbon brick samples in the laboratory, it is found that the strength of carbon bricks decreases sharply after being corroded by alkali metals.

  Volume and plastic expansion: it is found that the volume of carbon brick sample expands after alkali metal corrosion test. When the sample is corroded by alkali metal under different loads, it is found that the sample has different degrees of plastic deformation and forms a plastic body according to different loads.

  Promote graphitization: the chemical test of the used carbon brick found that the thermal conductivity of the carbon brick increased after being eroded by the alkali metal, and the graphite phase was observed under the microscope. Therefore, it was concluded that the alkali metal could promote the so-called low-temperature graphitization of the carbon brick.

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