Electrode paste index of energy chemical industry

  Electrode paste is a conductive material used for electric furnace equipment such as ferroalloy furnace and carbide furnace.

  It can withstand high temperature and has a small coefficient of thermal expansion. It has a relatively small resistance coefficient and can reduce the loss of electric energy. It has a small porosity and can slow the oxidation of the heated electrode. With high mechanical strength, the electrode will not be broken due to the influence of mechanical and electrical loads.

  The current is input into the furnace through the electrode to generate an arc for smelting. The electrode plays a very important role in the whole electric furnace. Without it, the electric furnace cannot play a role. In order to make the electrode work normally under the temperature generated by the arc, it needs to have high oxidation resistance and conductivity. Only the electrode made of carbon material has this property, because the carbon electrode can withstand the arc temperature of 3500 ℃ and only slowly oxidize.

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Electrode paste index of energy chemical industry

  Production technology and equipment of electrode paste

  1、 Self baking electrodes for large and medium-sized, open, closed and semi closed submerged arc furnaces – high standard paste products.

  Electrode paste is used in open and closed submerged arc furnaces as a continuous self baking electrode to produce calcium carbide, ferroalloy and other products. The annual output is 7000 tons. Standard of Ministry of Metallurgy: Yb / t5215 ~ 1996

  (and refer to the user’s industry standards).

  1> Non standard electrode paste: ash and volatiles are provided according to user and industry standards.

  2> Sealing paste: thd-1 and – 2.

  3> Special paste and all electric calcined semi graphitized paste: provided according to the user’s index value, and ash and volatile are provided according to the user’s requirements and industrial standards. Ash can be committed to 2%

  。 The supply price of paste products shall be based on the cost of raw materials and models, and shall be implemented according to the market according to the cost through negotiation.

  Note: low grade paste products with ash content higher than 6.0 are no longer produced.

Electrode paste index of energy chemical industry

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