Electrode paste prevents hard electrode breakage

  The preventive measures for hard breakage of the electrode are mainly as follows:

  1. Put the electrode paste into the factory for quality control to ensure that the quality of the electrode paste meets the requirements; keep the electrode paste properly to prevent dust from entering.

  2. Try to avoid stopping the furnace for more than 3 hours to prevent electrode oxidation.

  3. Keep the height of the electrode paste 4.5 meters above the contact element to allow continuous firing of the electrode paste to prevent overheating.

Electrode paste prevents hard electrode breakage

  4. During the shutdown period, the electrode should be moved up and down at the right time to prevent the electrode from sticking to the charge; try to avoid greatly lifting the electrode to prevent the material from blocking the lower position of the electrode and increase the resistance of the electrode to fall.

  5. After a long-term power failure, the load should increase slowly, and the driving operation procedures should be strictly followed.

  6. Pay attention to the difference from the collapsed material to prevent misjudgment.

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