Enclosed paste submerged arc furnace for smelting iron and steel

  High-standard sealed paste nickel pig iron smelting process:

  1. The laterite ore arriving at the factory is directly mixed and pressed into balls after natural drying and dehydration. The wet ball formation rate is higher than 85%, and the water content is 15-18% directly into the rotary kiln without drying.

  2. The total reduction time of the pellets in the furnace is 3-4 hours, the highest temperature in the furnace is 1150, the nickel is nearly completely reduced, and the iron is reduced by about 60%. The pellets are basically sintered and there is a certain amount of residual carbon.

Enclosed paste submerged arc furnace for smelting iron and steel

  3. The hot pellets discharged from the rotary kiln are sealed and insulated, and then charged into a 12,500 semi-closed electrode paste submerged arc furnace at 600 degrees Celsius. The coal is substituted for coke. The smelting power consumption of crude nickel pig iron is 3974Kwh/ton, and the nickel recovery rate is 3974Kwh/ton. 95%. Of course, this is also related to the use of high-standard sealed electrode paste.

  4. The crude nickel pig iron in the submerged arc furnace is deeply smelted by 6 tons of AOD converter to produce the fine ferronickel with the quality of ferronickel that meets the national standards. Achieved a technical upgrade of product quality.

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