Factors affecting the absorption effect of anthracite carburizer

  (1) The self quality of the carburizing agent.

  (2) Generally speaking, the lower the carbon content of the molten iron, the higher the absorption rate of the carburizer. When the WC of the molten iron is above 3.6%, it is difficult for the carbon to rise again.

  (3) The silicon content in molten iron: the higher the silicon in the original molten iron, the greater the influence on the absorption of the carburizer. Because silicon has a carbon emission effect, the solubility of carbon in molten iron is reduced.

  (4) The plutonium content in the molten iron is higher than that in the original molten iron, which is conducive to the absorption of the carburizer.

  (5) Charging and molten iron quality (serious oxidation or not).

  (6) Blast furnace operation.

  (7) Add time and method.

  (8) Furnace temperature adjustment: under normal production conditions, if the temperature of molten iron is high, carbon can be well dissolved in molten iron and improve carbon efficiency.

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