Ferroalloy submerged arc furnace

Safety Operating Regulations for Clay Gun Machine of Opening Machine of Ferroalloy Submerged Arc Furnace and Submerged Arc Furnace

1-1 Open the main air valve and observe the pressure gauge. When the wind pressure reaches 0.5-0.7MPA, the eye opening operation can be carried out.

1-2 When the wind pressure meets the requirements, drive the cart forward and lock the cart.

Eye opening operation:

2-1 Open the eye opening machine to the position facing the furnace eye, and then the rock drill gives the wind, and it must be pushed slowly to prevent the rock drill from being stuck too fast.

2-2 Try not to drill down to the incoming slag and iron flow, and then use the eye-opening stick to open it. If the drill comes into the flow, immediately back the rotating rod, drive the cart, move the furnace eye position, and close the air pipeline valve when it reaches the designated position. In the process of retreating the drill pipe, the air should be supplied slowly to prevent the cylinder body from being damaged by retreating too fast.

Blocking operation:

3-1 Before opening your eyes, cut the soft anhydrous cannon ball into several pieces (the size is better to put in the cannon barrel).

3-2 After opening the eyes, add anhydrous mud to the barrel. The barrel must be filled. When adding anhydrous gun mud ball, two people are required to operate the furnace eye, one person gives the air, and the other person adds an anhydrous gun mud ball. The operator must follow the instructions of the mud addition personnel to prevent the piston in the cylinder from being caught. When installing a plugging gun, first use a drill to remove the dried anhydrous gun mud from the muzzle. During the muzzle removal process, the main valve of the air duct is not allowed to be opened.

3-3 When plugging the eye, move the baffle off, open the plug barrel of the plugging machine, open it to the position of the furnace eye, push the barrel forward, when the muzzle enters the furnace eye, immediately execute the plugging gas tank air supply , After the plugging operation is completed, do not withdraw the barrel immediately after plugging the eye to prevent the furnace eye from being blocked due to the incomplete sintering of the waterless mud ball.

3-4 During the process of removing the plugging machine barrel, air should be slowly supplied to prevent the barrel from returning too fast and causing damage to the cylinder block.

3-5 Turn off the master air pump and then power off.

Ferroalloy submerged arc furnace

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