Flue gas desulfurization technology of petroleum coke calcination 2

  01 ammonia desulfurization

  The principle of ammonia desulfurization is to use ammonia gas to react with sulfur dioxide in petroleum coke to form ammonium sulfate.

  It mainly includes two chemical processes: one is to absorb sulfur dioxide to form ammonium sulfite; The second is the oxidation reaction to form ammonium sulfate.

  As the most commercially used desulfurization method, ammonia desulfurization technology combines water-soluble ammonia with sulfur dioxide in petroleum coke to realize the chemical reaction of desulfurization. At the same time, the unique desulfurization principle can also control the acid rain in the flue gas to the maximum extent, and the ammonium sulfate produced by chemical action can be recycled in many industrial operations.

  It is reported that the desulfurization rate of this method can reach 95%. Therefore, in the desulfurization process, this method has high efficiency and high social benefits.

Flue gas desulfurization technology of petroleum coke calcination 2

  02 gypsum desulfurization method

  Gypsum desulfurization is the most commonly used desulfurization method in modern chemical enterprises.

  This method uses the core components of “kiln → dust collector → absorption tower → induced draft fan → chimney”, makes full use of the desulfurization absorbent function of lime water, uses the limestone liquefied by grinding water slurry as the absorbent, and uses induced draft fan in the absorption tower to carry out chemical reaction of sulfur dioxide smoke and oxygen from petroleum coke calcination.

  As one of the commonly used wet desulfurization methods, gypsum desulfurization method is an upgrade of spray semi dry method. With the help of absorption tower and induced draft fan in the plant, sulfur dioxide smoke from petroleum coke can be effectively integrated with lime water in a large area, and the desulfurization rate is as high as 90%, which is the most mature desulfurization process at present.

  At the same time, as the raw material of desulfurizer, limestone has a wide source and low price. Gypsum produced by chemical reaction can be used in other industrial applications.

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