Ingredients for smelting high-carbon ferromanganese submerged arc furnace

1. The specific ratio of raw materials is determined by the length of the furnace, and various raw materials are required to be weighed accurately, and the error of the ingredients in each batch of materials should not exceed 5 kg.

2. In the case of composition fluctuations, the team leader has the right to adjust the proportion of ingredients. The adjustment range is: 5-10 kg of coke and 10 kg of other auxiliary materials. When the proportion of ingredients needs to be changed greatly, the furnace manager shall be responsible for the adjustment.

3. The order of ingredients: coke, dolomite or limestone, manganese ore.

4. The batching workers should pay attention to the changes of raw materials, and report the problems to the monitor in time to deal with them in time.

5. At the time of shift, there should be 70 to 80% of the material in the small silo on the furnace, and there should be no too much or too little.

6. Before the batching workers hand over the shift, inform the monitor of the batch number of batching and record it on the smelting card.

7. The batching worker maintains the equipment belonging to the post, and deals with the problem immediately if it is found. If it cannot be solved on duty, it can be handed over to the off-duty to solve it seriously.

8. Thoroughly clean up the hygiene of the job before the batching work is handed over

Ingredients for smelting high-carbon ferromanganese submerged arc furnace

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