Installation management of electrode paste

  The A-phase electrode of 3 # calcium carbide furnace in the calcium carbide workshop had a soft break and paste leakage accident. The reason shows that there are still some loopholes in the management of the electrode paste in the calcium carbide workshop. According to the principle of “four don’t let go”, the calcium carbide workshop took targeted measures as follows:

  1、 Pasting process

  1. Reduce the control height of paste column from 4-4.5m to 3.5-4m

  The installation of electrode paste shall follow the principle of less and more.

  2. When measuring the paste column height after each shift, first calibrate the scale standard value on the palm rope

  Check and ensure the accuracy.

  3. When measuring the height of paste column, select the 14 rib plates in the electrode barrel (due east, due south, due west

  Measure the four points in the due north direction and record the measurement results on the report.

  4. The electrode paste needs to be measured after adding 300kg each time, and the true east and true east are also selected

  Four points in the south, due west and due north directions shall be measured, and the measurement results shall be recorded on the report.

  5. Subtract the figures before and after adding electrode paste, and compare the difference with the empirical value. If the difference between the two data is within a reasonable range, it proves that there is no shed paste. If the deviation between the two data is large, it is proved that the phenomenon of shed paste in the electrode needs to be smashed,

Installation management of electrode paste

  After smashing the paste, conduct measurement and comparison again. If the two data are basically consistent, it proves that the shed paste phenomenon has been handled; otherwise

  The battering shall be continued.

  6. When the electrode paste on the trolley is full and cannot be stacked up, it is regarded as 100kg.

  7. Paste twice per shift as required, and carefully record.

  8. The shift leader shall personally participate in the measurement and supervise the pasting process once, and sign for confirmation to ensure the authenticity and reliability of the data

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