Mechanical strength of electrode paste in the submerged arc furnace

The height of the electrode paste refers to the height from the top of the electrode clip to the top of the electrode paste. If the electrode paste is too high, the coarse and fine particles in the electrode paste are prone to delamination, or the electrode cylinder is broken due to the high paste column pressure. If the electrode paste column is too low, it is difficult to obtain dense electrode because the paste column pressure is too small and the filling ability is poor, which makes the electrode paste is consumed too fast. Appropriate electrode paste column height is beneficial to improve the quality of electrode roasting and reduce consumption.

Electrode paste is a kind of conductive electrode in various submerged arc furnaces, which is an indispensable product in industrial production. We read a lot of information at home and abroad, did not find a special study of the mechanical strength of the electrode paste, in order to promote the improvement of the quality of the electrode paste, help the electrode paste buyer to master the performance of the electrode paste, we Rongxing carbon special start to study electrode paste mechanical strength.

In the national standard of electrode paste, no spec about the mechanical strength of the electrode paste, only find a spec of the compressive strength of electrode paste, but mechanical strength itself including compressive strength, and has certain relevance, as a national standard may not be able to put all the things in the quality standard, but the standards of the state are more than a decade ago, more than a decade the electrode paste industry develops very fast, In our factory, to discuss the strength of electrode paste, we have to do a more comprehensive discussion.

The mechanical strength of electrode paste includes compressive strength, flexural strength, and tensile strength. The mechanical strength of carbon products is anisotropic, that is, the composition of raw material particles of carbon products is different in horizontal and vertical directions. The anisotropy of the mechanical strength of electrode paste is not discussed here because of its production method of it. The material composition of electrode paste, that is, different raw materials, the particle size and formula, the thickness and formula of powder, and the content of coal pitch all have an impact on the mechanical strength of electrode paste.

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