Precautions for storage of cold rammed paste

  1. Do not squeeze during loading and transportation, and avoid tamping in advance.

  2. The storage conditions shall be normal temperature, away from light and wind.

  3. The storage time of cold rammed paste should not be too long, and the shelf life is generally within one year, so as to avoid the drying of paste caused by the evaporation of binder. Using expired or relatively dry cold ramming paste may cause stratification and uneven quality during construction, increasing the risk of slot leakage during roasting and operation.

Precautions for storage of cold rammed paste

  Conclusion: Cold ramming paste is valued and applied by aluminum electrolysis enterprises because of its convenient construction, excellent and controllable quality, little damage to workers’ health, reduced investment in equipment plants and labor saving in construction. In the production of Cold ramming paste, it is recommended to use high-quality Taixi electric calcined anthracite and specially refined high-quality binder as raw materials. The raw material ratio should be used according to the construction position. The cold ramming paste should be correctly selected to reduce the occurrence of cell leakage during the startup and operation of the electrolytic cell and improve the operating life of the electrolytic cell.

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