Precautions for the purchase of electrode paste airtight paste

  In July 2017, a new potential customer we met proposed to seal the paste sample for testing, and at the same time we needed to provide a third party (a test report from Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute). After the results of the two tests came out, the main index of the test issued by the third party was 53, and the test result of the client’s laboratory was 75. So the customer proposed to re-test.

  In order to allow customers to carry out the test faster, our salesperson braved the high temperature of nearly 40 degrees to personally deliver the sealed 5 kg sample to the customer’s factory. After 10 days, the main indicator shown in the customer’s test report is 80.

Precautions for the purchase of electrode paste airtight paste

  Later, Mr. Zhang, our chief technical officer, went to the customer’s factory and patiently explained to the customer some possible problems in the inspection report: the inspection report cannot truly reflect the actual performance of the electrode paste due to various conditions. For example, the inspection report of the Zhengzhou Light Metal Research Institute was the result under very ideal and very compliant conditions, and the main indicators showed very good results. This is actually the electrode paste formula we followed at that time. In actual use, the main parameters will definitely be higher than 53, because the condition of the furnace and the operation of the workers will not reach the state of the laboratory. In factory laboratories, it is normal for the closed and vague test report to have large deviations due to operational problems or environmental problems and equipment problems.

  Therefore, the data in the test report of the electrode paste can only be used as a reference. The true quality should be reflected in the use of the product. Whether the electrode paste is good or not depends on energy consumption and output. The energy consumption is low, and the output is relatively stable for a long time. This kind of electrode paste must be a good quality electrode paste, and this kind of electrode paste factory must be a high-quality electrode paste supplier.

  In the end, the customer placed a trial order with a skeptical attitude. In actual use, our airtight paste performance is very good. Now the customer has signed a long-term supply contract with Rongxin Carbon. 200 tons of purchases per month.

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