Procurement of Electrode Paste Aggregate Electric Calcined Coal

  Electric forging coal as the aggregate of the electrode paste sealing paste directly affects the quality of the electrode paste sealing paste. Therefore, the quality control of electric forging coal is very important in the manufacture of electrode paste hermetic paste.

  So, what misunderstandings should the electrode paste factory avoid when purchasing electric forging coal?

  1. Electric forging coal parameters only look at resistivity. Many electrode paste factories blindly pursue resistivity when purchasing. What they don’t know is that the lower the resistance, the better the quality of the forged coal. In popular understanding, the longer the anthracite is calcined in the electric forging furnace, it means the end of the resistivity month. However, the longer the time, the strength of the electric forging coal will be the end of the month. The strength and electrical resistance of electric forging coal are inversely proportional. If the strength of the electric forging coal as the electrode paste aggregate is too low, it will not play a supporting role in the manufacture of the electrode paste. Generally speaking, electric forging coal with a resistance of 450-500 is sufficient.

Procurement of Electrode Paste Aggregate Electric Calcined Coal

  2. As long as the parameters are qualified, the origin of electric forging coal does not matter. It can be said that under the same resistance state, there is still a big gap between Shanxi electric forged coal and Ningxia electric forged coal in the application of electrode paste products. Ningxia Taixi anthracite is world-famous because of its low volatility and low ash characteristics. For example, Shanxi anthracite has an ash content of about 11, and Ningxia’s electric forging coal can achieve 5, Shanxi’s anthracite has a volatile content of about 20, and Ningxia Taixi’s anthracite can reach about 11. Therefore, for electrode paste manufacturers, Ningxia Taixi Electric Forged Coal is the first choice.

  Of course, the price of forged coal in Ningxia is higher, and the distance is longer, and the freight is also higher (the freight has now risen to 330 on the basis of the original 220 per ton). However, for manufacturers pursuing reputation and quality, high-quality original purchase guarantee is a must.

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