Reasons for turning over calcium carbide in calcium carbide furnace

  The accident phenomenon of turning over calcium carbide in calcium carbide furnace mainly includes the following aspects:

  1. The current of one-phase or two-phase electrodes fluctuates greatly, and the electrode position is high.

  2. The output of the furnace is small, and the current of the one-phase or two-phase electrode decreases very little or does not decrease when the furnace is discharged, but rises instead.

  3. The temperature in the furnace rises and the gas volume fluctuates greatly.

  4. Unable to open the eyes for a long time, unable to make it out.

  cause of accident:

  1. The electrode cannot be inserted deeply, the bottom temperature of the furnace is low, and the crucible is small.

  2. Improper operation, low furnace temperature, and three-phase failure.

  3. The output of the furnace is small for a long time, and the electrode accumulates in the furnace too much.

  4. It is difficult to make the oven if the ratio is too high

Reasons for turning over calcium carbide in calcium carbide furnace

  Incident handling method:

  1. Deal with the power outage immediately.

  2. After the furnace has been shut down for a long time, the load will increase slowly.

  3. Increase single-phase electrode current or intermittent feeding of single-phase electrode.

  4. Properly adjust the charge ratio.

  5. Lower the voltage

  Accident prevention measures:

  1. Strict procurement of raw materials, to ensure quality requirements, to prevent excessive impurities from generating hard shell and branch currents at high temperatures, so that the electrodes cannot be deeply inserted and the furnace temperature is low.

  2. Strictly implement the requirements of the baking time to prevent excessive accumulation of calcium carbide in the furnace.

  3. Operators carefully operate and strictly prohibit violation of process indicators; the proportion of ingredients must be accurate; prevent the three-phase failure and the high quality of calcium carbide from being unable to be out of the furnace.

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