Rongxing reputation of carbon electrode paste used in ferronickel furnace

  The working temperature of the ferronickel furnace is relatively low, so it is necessary to use the high-standard sealed electrode paste which is easy to roast and produced by Gongyi Rongxing Carbon. Rongxing Carbon can make the furnace stable and less accidents.The consumption of electrode paste is about 10kg per ton of iron, which can save 50% compared with the general standard electrode paste, which can reduce the production cost of ferronicke and make the enterprise benefit better.Production-oriented enterprises pay special attention to the stable operation of the furnace for a long time, and would rather spend more money to buy high-quality electrode paste, so as to ensure the production of peace of mind.

  For a long time, the customers are very satisfied with the quality and service of Rongxing carbon high standard sealed paste, which is called as “special paste for ferronickel electric furnace” by many nickel production enterprises.

Rongxing reputation of carbon electrode paste used in ferronickel furnace

  It is understood that other ferronickel plant ton consumption of standard electrode paste is about 15 kg.The unit price of ferronickel furnace electrode paste of Gongyi Rongxing Carbon is slightly higher, but the overall benefit of the production enterprise is more obvious with good quality and fewer accidents.Gongyi Rongxing carbon products in the customer left a good reputation.

  Our company’s high standard sealed paste in the use of ferronickel furnace, has already occupied half of the country’s ferronickel enterprises. Rongxing carbon users are mainly distributed in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces and regions.

  The success of Rongxing carbon ferronickel furnace electrode paste lies in the strict implementation of enterprise standards superior to the national standards, production operation procedures, to ensure that unqualified products do not leave the factory, pay attention to the research and development of high standard sealed paste.Our company’s popularity in the industry is increasing, and with the development of the ferronickel industry continues to grow.

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