Sintering temperature range of electrode paste

  What is the sintering temperature range of the electrode paste?

  The electrode paste height refers to the height from the upper end of the electrode clamp to the top of the electrode paste. If the electrode paste is too high, the coarse and fine particles in the electrode paste are prone to delamination, or the electrode barrel is damaged due to the pressure of the paste column is too high. If the electrode paste column is too low, it is difficult to obtain a dense electrode due to the pressure of the paste column is too small and the filling property is poor. The electrode paste is consumed too quickly. The proper height of electrode paste column can improve the quality of electrode baking and reduce consumption. If the particle size is too large, the electrode paste suspension fault is easy to occur; If the particle size is too small, it is easy to cause paste spraying.

Sintering temperature range of electrode paste

  It is better to buy the finished electrode paste. If the material supplied by the manufacturer is qualified, it can be directly filled. The powder of broken electrode paste is reduced, the utilization rate of electrode paste is improved, and the cost of calcium carbide is reduced. Use a forklift to transport the electrode paste to the carbide furnace with a trolley or special tools, and use an electric hoist to lift the electrode paste into the electrode barrel. Pay attention to lifting * during filling. When installing the electrode paste, pay attention not to scatter the electrode paste on the equipment outside the electrode barrel, so as to avoid the electric ignition accident. Every time the electrode paste is filled, the site shall be cleaned, especially the electrode paste scattered on the equipment. When the sintering temperature of the electrode paste is below 300 ℃, the electrode paste is in a plastic state and has a mechanical strength *. According to the test and calculation by the technicians of Fuzhen carbon, the compressive strength is only 3-10 MPa at this time, and there is almost no tensile strength. The electrode paste soft break accident of submerged arc furnace often occurs in this area.

  When the sintering temperature of the electrode paste is 300-800 ℃, since the volatiles of the coal tar pitch have been discharged, the remaining coal tar pitch has been carbonized to form a network, and fused with the raw materials of various electrode pastes, the mechanical strength reaches the standard value. According to the calculation of our carbon technicians, the compressive strength of the electrode paste at this time is 17-33 MPa, the bending strength is 7-17 MPa, and the tensile strength is 4-8 MPa. After the electrode below the copper tile of the submerged arc furnace enters the smelting process, due to the further increase of the raw material temperature, the temperature of the electrode will also further increase, and the mechanical strength will increase with the increase of the temperature. The mechanical strength of other materials will drop sharply when the temperature rises to 1500 degrees, such as heat-resistant alloys, while the mechanical strength of carbon materials is still increasing at 1500 degrees, It is only estimated that the mechanical strength of carbon materials begins to decrease gradually at 2200 degrees.

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