The cause of electrodepaste leakage and its preventive treatment 1

  Electrode leakage refers to the liquid electrode paste melted in the electrode, which flows out from the damaged electrode cylinder. There are two locations where the leakage occurs: one is below the bottom ring (copper tile), and the other is above the bottom ring (copper tile).

  (1) Causes of electrode leakage

  When the consumption speed of the electrode is greater than the sintering speed, the softening section of the electrode is pressed below the conductive element (copper tile). The electrode current exceeds the safe current that the motor barrel can withstand, and the flow paste or soft break will occur.

  ①The quality of electrode paste is not good

  The volatile content and softening point of the electrode paste are too high, which causes the three-phase electrode to be in a state of underburning, which cannot meet the requirements of the production process, and causes the paste to leak when the electrode is pressed and discharged: the ash content of the electrode paste is too high, which causes the electrode to be consumed quickly. The sintering speed can not meet the consumption speed at all, causing paste leakage.

The cause of electrodepaste leakage and its preventive treatment 1

  ② Unreasonable way of adding up

  If the paste is not added according to the process requirements, the paste column will be added too high, resulting in slow volatilization of volatiles, and electrode underburn; the paste column is too high, causing the electrode’s own weight to exceed the clamping force of the electrode clamping system, causing the electrode to slide down and causing electrode leakage paste.

  ③Causes of process operation

  Do not press and release the electrode according to the pressure and discharge length and time interval specified in the process operation regulations. The one-time electrode pressure and discharge are too long, and the electrode is continuously pressed and discharged for many times in a short period of time, which causes the electrode to be under-burned and causes paste leakage; the secondary operating current is too low, The secondary voltage is too high, the power factor is high, and the active power is large, resulting in slow sintering and fast consumption of the electrode, resulting in electrode leakage; the length of the working end of the electrode is not controlled according to the process requirements, resulting in the working end is too short and the depth of the furnace is shallow. Open arc operation is strict, electrode consumption is fast, sintering is slow, and paste leakage occurs when the electrode is pressed and discharged; when the electrode is baked, the current and load are not increased according to the process requirements, resulting in the breakdown of the electrode cylinder and the paste; Overburning lime that exceeds the standard, carbon material with low fixed carbon, adding charge with unqualified particle size, producing low-quality qualified products, or even foreign products, resulting in rapid electrode consumption and leakage of paste when pressing and discharging the electrode.

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