The cause of electrodepaste leakage and its preventive treatment 2

 ④Cause of equipment

  The holding system is not insulated, causing the system components and the electrode barrel to be connected to the electrode barrel, causing paste leakage; the conductive clip and the electrode barrel are not in good contact (the conductive clip has insufficient clamping force or the contact surface is rough), causing the electrode barrel to heat up and burn through the electrode barrel and leak the paste. The small clamping force of the electrode holding system causes the electrode to slide down during the pressing and release process, which causes the electrode to flow paste or soft break accident; the welding seam is not strict during the manufacture of the electrode cylinder, and the welding seam has blisters during the butting, and the electrode paste leaks from it.

  (2) Preventive measures and treatment methods for electrode leakage

  ①Strictly control the quality of the electrode paste, so that the index of the electrode paste matches the furnace type and process operation: and make timely fine-tuning according to the changes in process conditions.

The cause of electrodepaste leakage and its preventive treatment 2

  ②Strictly control the height of electrode paste column in accordance with process requirements.

  ③ Strict process operation procedures, prevent illegal operations, and strictly control the quality of raw materials and products.

  ④Inspect and repair the equipment in time and handle the insulation: strictly control the quality of the electrode shell and the quality of the connection.

  ⑤When the paste leakage occurs, the power should be cut off immediately, and the location of the paste leakage should be determined clearly. If it is below the conductive clip, you can immediately insert the electrode, press and release the electrode to make the leakage hole under the material surface, bury the electrode of the phase with the furnace charge, and send power Bake the electrode, wait for the electrode to be burned, and then gradually turn it to normal (the copper tile electric furnace can hold the electrode upside down and add the drain to the copper tile for power transmission). If it is above the conductive clamp, open the protective screen to repair the leakage of welding.

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