The importance of good quality cold ramming paste

Cold ramming paste is a kind of carbon filling material for furnace shelves.

It is widely used in metallurgical furnaces such as aluminum electrolyzer, ferroalloy furnace, yellow phosphorus furnace, calcium carbide furnace, and so on. The cold ramming paste does not need preheating in the construction process and can be constructed within the range of normal temperature, which is conducive to ensuring the quality of the furnace, and because of the same material, it can achieve seamless ramming furnace lining, and the process indexes after burning are better than the traditional carbon brick furnace construction technology. Using cold ramming paste makes the whole furnace building technology completely different from the traditional carbon brick construction process, which can effectively solve the hot burning furnace bottom liquid leakage, destroy the technical problems of the furnace wall during the smelting process, this will not only make arc furnace service life has been greatly extended but also broke the furnace building materials limited, therefore received wide attention of related enterprises at home and abroad.

The construction quality and service life of smelting furnaces such as ferroalloy and yellow phosphorus have a direct impact on the production efficiency and economic benefit of the production enterprises. Modern submerged arc furnaces generally have the characteristics of closed and continuous operation, and the operation of maintenance and building furnaces is difficult, as well as high labor consumption, time consumption, and cost. Therefore, the selection of ideal furnace building materials is crucial to improve the quality of lining and prolong the service life of submerged arc furnaces.

In the traditional submerged arc furnace, carbon bricks are basically used as the furnace building material lining the high-temperature baking pool. During the furnace building, the gap between the carbon bricks and the carbon bricks is filled by carbon ramming paste. After the completion of the furnace building, the carbon ramming paste between the carbon bricks and the carbon bricks needs to be burning before being put into production. Every populated place may have a gap due to carbon brick and paste two materials different shrinkage ratio, so construction process is very complex, is a tall order, not taken seriously, arc furnace’s high-temperature flipping pool may happen furnace bottom wear accident of furnace and furnace wall was badly damaged after the production, which is caused by being flipping liquid at high temperature, erosion, oxidation, and osmosis, may force to stop furnace renovation, and cause major economic losses.

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