The reason of electrode paste paste soft broken

  1.Poor paste quality of electrode paste , too much volatile matter

  2. The electrode paste shell iron sheet is too thin or too thick.It is too thin to withstand the larger external force and break, causing the electrode paste cylinder to fold or leak paste and soft break when pressing;Too thick will cause the iron shell and electrode paste core contact is not close and string core, will also cause soft break.

  3.electrode pastes are pressed frequently, the interval time is too short, or the electrode paste is too long after the electrode paste is put down, resulting in soft break.

The reason of electrode paste paste soft broken

  4. If the carbon electrode paste is not added in time and the position of the electrode paste paste is too high or too low, it will also cause the soft break of the electrode paste.

  5. The electrode paste block is too large, and the paste is careless, and it can be put on the ribs and suspended, which can cause soft break.

  6. The electrode paste is not sintered well, and the current is not properly controlled when and after the electrode paste is lowered, so that the current is too large, and the electrode paste shell is burned and the electrode paste is soft broken.

  7. When the carbon electrode paste speed is greater than the sintering speed, the paste section in the shaping is exposed, or the conductive element is about to be exposed, the electrode paste shell bears all the current and generates a lot of heat. When the electrode paste shell is heated to more than 1200℃, the tensile strength is reduced to the point where it cannot bear the electrode paste weight, the soft failure accident will occur.

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