Trapezoidal electrode paste from Rongxin Group

  Performance characteristics:

  Ash content <5%

  Resistance <80 uΩm

  Volatile 10-15.5

  Density >1.46g/cm3

  Compressive strength >18Mpa

  Extension rate 5-20

  Raw materials Electric forged coal, residual pole, calcined coke, graphite chips, pitch, coal tar

  Dimensions: bottom length 14cm, width 10cm; height 9.5cm; top length 9cm, width 4cm.

  Packaging Tons of bags or bulk

Trapezoidal electrode paste from Rongxin Group

  Trapezoidal electrode paste is more of the electrode paste products used by domestic calcium carbide submerged arc furnace calcium carbide plants.

  Compared with ordinary electrode paste, the electrode paste used in calcium carbide factory has higher ash content, higher resistance, and lower technical index requirements.

  The trapezoidal calcium carbide plant electrode paste produced by our factory uses Ningxia’s high-quality calcined anthracite and residual electrode as aggregates, which have the advantages of good quality and high cost performance.

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