What kinds of carburizers can be applied in the foundry industry?

  There are many kinds of carburizers, and their applications are also very wide. In the foundry industry, what aspects of carburizers can be used? The following is a detailed introduction of the carburizer manufacturer Zhengzhou mingmaite, hoping to help you

  1; High quality castings: high quality carburizers, such as graphitization carburizers and graphite electrode carburizers, are used to produce ductile iron castings. The index is that the carbon content is 98.5% and the sulfur is 0.05%.

  2; The production of ordinary nodular iron carburizer and gray iron for ordinary castings does not need to use coal based carburizer. The main indicators are that the content is 90%, 95%, and the sulfur content is preferably between 0.1 and 0.5,

  3; In general, the most commonly used carbon additive for steel casting and steelmaking is coal, and the absorption rate is not high

  4; For special castings, such as brake pads, more petroleum coke carbonaceous additives are used, and the absorption rate is more than 80%.

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